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Welcome to our maker spaces and science equipment and furniture page, where you can find everything you need to create an innovative and hands-on learning environment.

Our products are designed to support creativity, experimentation, and hands-on learning, from maker tables and tools to science lab equipment and supplies. Whether you’re looking to equip a traditional maker space or a modern STEAM lab, we have a variety of options to choose from.

All of our products are made from high-quality materials and are designed to meet the needs of both students and teachers. Browse our Maker Space collection today and find the perfect equipment to create a hands-on and innovative learning environment for your students.

Sandusky Storage Shelves
KI Maker Space 2
USA Capitol Maker Space Tables
Diversified woodcraft maker space 2
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STEM Maker Spaces and Science Equipment Suppliers

With over 45 manufacturers we have all the Maker Spaces and Science Equipment or Furniture styles you will need. 

School Source Az can give you specific recommendations based on your needs as to which manufacturer can provide you with the best product that fits under your Cooperative agreement. You can call us for more info or view our Maker Spaces and Science Equipment or STEM environment Manufacturers are listed below!

Claro Ultra (Clarin)

Classroom and Maker Spaces White Boards, Glass Boards, Creative Boards.

Diversified Woodcrats

Wood Cut Designs for Science, Maker Spaces, Art, Tables and Storage.


Sleek designs of Maker Boards, White Boards, and Creative Space Mobile Design Boards. 

Haskell Education

Furniture Design Company for Seating, Admin Offices, Desks, Tables, Maker Spaces, and Storage.


Early Childhood, STEM, Art, Seating, Tables+Desks & Storage

Marsh Industires

Maker Boards, Chalk Boards, White boards, and Space Dividers for k-12 and College Classrooms.

Mien Company

Cafeteria, Maker Spaces, Classrooms, Offices, Media Centers and lounge Furniture for schools.


Tables, Chairs, Stools, Benches, and  Storage For Administrative rooms, Science& Media rooms or Classrooms.


Desks, Chairs, Seating, Storage, Media, Whiteboards, & Lounge Furniture. Used with Administrative, Classrooms, Maker Spaces, and Commons Areas.

National Public Seating

Chairs, Tables, Mobile Tables, Stools, Music Stands, Science Workstations, Conductor Equipment, Dollies, PA Systems, and Stage platforms.

Norva Nivel

STEM Tables and Seating for Classrooms, Lounge Areas, and Large Group Learning Furniture.

Palmer Hamilton

Cafeteria Furniture, Classroom Furniture, Media Center Furniture & Outdoor Furniture for schools and Educational Institutions.


Maker boards, Glass Boards, with Sliding or Display Cases for Maker Spaces, Classrooms, or Art Rooms.

Scholar Craft

Soft Seating, lounge, Tables, Student Desks, Combo Desks. Furniture for Classrooms, STEM, Early Learning, and Media Centers

USA Capitol

Seating, Tables, and Combo Desks for Classrooms, and Maker Spaces for learning.

Wisconsin Bench

Custom Designed and Built Desks, Storage Cabinets, Tables, Chairs, workstations, lockers, modular casework, and mobile furniture for any environment.